What is the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC)?

If you’re a budding real estate agent in the Sunshine State, you’ll come across the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) during the licensing process. What exactly does this commission do? Who is on the commission? How does FREC relate to DBPR? We have the answers for you in this guide. 

What is the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC)? 

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is the agency charged with licensing and regulating businesses and professionals, including real estate professionals within the State of Florida. Within DBPR, real estate businesses, licensees, and activities are regulated by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). 

Who is on the Commission? 

FREC has seven members appointed by the Florida Governor and confirmed by the Florida Senate. Once appointed, FREC members hold their positions for four-year terms unless removed. The commission must always include: 

  • Four FREC members that are licensed real estate brokers, who each must have held an active license for five years before being appointed. 
  • One member that is a licensed broker or a licensed sales associate, who has held an active license at least two years before being appointed. 
  • Two members must be people who are not, and have never been, real estate sales associates or brokers.

At least one member of the commission must be 60 years of age or older. 

What are FREC’s Responsibilities? 

Simply put, the commission’s role is to protect the public. It does this by regulating the real estate industry. This includes real estate sales associates, brokers, companies, real estate schools, and real estate instructors. FREC ensures there is an education program that keeps Florida real estate agents relevant to market conditions. The commission is also tasked with holding disciplinary hearings and actions against licensed sales associates, brokers, real estate educators, and firms. FREC also holds regular public meetings, generally once per month, at the Division of Real Estate Commission Chambers in Orlando, Florida. Members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend and provide input on matters or propositions before the Commission or a committee of the commission.

FREC’s Public Meetings

The Florida Real Estate Commission meets on the 3rd Tuesday and Wednesday of each month. The specific dates of FREC meetings can be found online. Some sessions are live-streamed for those interested in attending virtually. The agendas and minutes of past meetings can also be browsed online

The commission also encourages members of the public to share their comments in the following ways: 

What is the Difference Between FREC and DBPR?

The critical difference between the two organizations is that FREC only focuses on the real estate industry, while DBPR is charged with businesses and professionals in many other industries (such as hotels, restaurants, cosmetologists, veterinarians, and more). FREC and DBPR work together closely, and the different responsibilities between the commission and the supervisory agency aren’t always obvious. For instance, when you’re applying for your Florida real estate license, you’ll visit the FREC website and select your licensing type––but DBPR will actually process your application.

What are FREC’s Education Requirements for Florida Real Estate Professionals?

The Florida Real Estate Commission has the following education requirements in place for real estate sales associates and brokers: 

Sales Associates 

  • 63-Hour Pre-Licensure Course with a passed exam. 
  • 45-Hour Post-Licensure Course with a passed exam.
  • 14-Hours of Continuing Education for each subsequent renewal period.


  • 72-Hour Pre-Licensure Course with a passed exam. 
  • 60-Hours Post-Licensure Course with a passed exam.
  • 14-Hours of Continuing Education for each subsequent renewal period.

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